Yoda Gots To Get Paid, Son.

Necessary it is.

George Lucas needed another diamond-encrusted set of knitting needles, so Yoda is endorsing Nissin Cup Noodles in Japan. (Sidenote: the guy to the left is not George Lucas knitting it a Starbucks, but I want to believe. As one Redditor words it, “He isn’t knitting. he’s sitting there and picking holes in something good that he once made. He is doing this because that is all he knows. he is a troubled man.”)

Anyway, check out Yoda’s Cup Noodle commercial below. Ah, so that’s how he survived on Dagobah. Also, the slogan is “Boil Japan”? Sheesh, Nissin. Really courting controversy with that pro-nuclear meltdown stance aren’t you? Too soon, guys. Too soon.

[Sources: Neatorama, fyeahdementia, and Reddit.]

You know who else loves these noodles?

Scratch their chins I must.