#StarbucksDrake Hands Is The Best Meme Involving Creepy Baristas, Models, And Drake Yet

Like everything on the Internet, #StarbucksDrakeHands, the latest tearing-up-Twitter-what-a-terrible-group-of-words-to-connect meme, began with a creepy dude hitting on an attractive gal. His name is Brody Odag Ryan, and he works at Starbucks as a barista. Her name is Piper Kennedy; she’s a Los Angeles-based model who entered Starbucks last Tuesday needing caffeine, and left with a coffee…and Brody knowing her phone number.

The next morning, Piper received the following video as a text message.

And thus, #StarbucksDrakeHands was born. Soon after cringing her way through….that, Piper sent the clip to her buddy DJ Ben Roc, who posted the video to Instagram. Since then, more than a thousand people have “Liked” it, and dozens have been making #StarbucksDrakeHands clips of their own. Like so.


You can see them all, or upload your own, here. Damn shame Brody didn’t choose “Wu-Tang Forever.”

(Via Know Your Meme)