Stephen A. Smith Wants Everyone To Know That He Has Never Had His Ass Eaten

In case it ever pops up as a Final Jeopardy! question: No, Stephen A. Smith has never gotten a rim job.

As Mediaite notes, the ESPN personality was forced to publicly state that “no woman has ever” eaten his ass after his non-response to a question about his bottom-based sexual experiences was interpreted as a confirmation. Last week, for some reason, Stephen A agreed to appear as a guest on Jake Paul’s sports show, BS with Jake Paul.

After getting into a rather heated argument with the twentysomething influencer-turned-boxer, Smith was confronted with what co-host Julia Fox described as “probably the most important question of the night — of the entire interview” and demanded a “no-bullshit” answer: “Do you, Stephen A, eat ass?”

His answer was an unequivocal “No! Never!” When Fox changed the query up and asked if he’d had his ass eaten, he simply said, “That’s private.” The hosts took that as a victorious “yes,” and celebrated accordingly. But Stephen A wasn’t rejoicing — especially after some random guy apparently razzed him for sexual proclivities… at Disney World of all places.

Stephen A was at the so-called Happiest Place on Earth in Orlando over the weekend to walk in a parade to help kick off HBCU Week. And was apparently heckled by someone about his ass-eating comments, despite there being kids everywhere. Stephen A not amused.

Smith took to Twitter on Sunday morning to put the rumors to rest once and for all, and declare “Lesson learned!” What he really didn’t appreciate was “some dude with his camera on yelling that at me in front of a bunch of CHILDREN at Disney World yesterday,” adding that, “We’ve lost our way.”

He’s only just now realizing that?

(Via Mediaite)