Stephen Colbert Found A Few Issues With The ‘Brilliant Plan’ From Republicans To Impeach Joe Biden

On Wednesday, Republicans authorized an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden — even though, as one headline points out, “Some House Republicans Admit There Is No Evidence to Impeach Biden.” One such Republican is Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE), who, when asked if the president committed any crimes, told reporters, “Probably not. They’re getting millions of dollars off the Biden name… [but] that’s not to say there was a crime by the president.” (Yes, this is all has to do with Hunter Biden.)

Stephen Colbert can’t believe things have gotten this far. “Guys, come on. That’s kind of step one,” he said on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show about the lack of evidence. One of the Republicans who supports the impeachment is Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX), who compared Biden’s crimes (?) to Watergate. “Watergate started with a burglary and took them 26 months to find out it went all the way to Richard Nixon,” Colbert said. “This started with you not liking Joe Biden, and spending a year not finding a crime he committed.”

The Late Show also highlighted a quote from Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX), who said he “wants to give Trump a little bit of ammo to fire back so they can say Biden has also been impeached.” Colbert sarcastically called it a “brilliant plan,” adding, “Now he just has to have Biden spanked by a porn star, have his followers attack the Capitol, and, worst of all, have him dance like this.”

You can watch Colbert’s monologue above.