Stephen Colbert Visited Occupy Wall Street Disguised As Che Guevara

Okay, so this is probably one of the funniest Colbert stunts I’ve ever seen: he went down to Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan disguised as Che Guevara so he could “blend in.” A thunderstorm erupted soon after he arrived, which he found discomforting, so he and his crew sought shelter at a swanky hotel nearby. That’s where the real hilarity ensued.

Soon Colbert tired of protesting, and proceeded with two representatives of Occupy Wall Street to a luxury hotel suite overlooking the park. What ensues is one of the most amusing Colbert interviews in recent memory, as he struggles to grasp how the Occupy Wall Street process works—and how he can take it over to spread his own message. After the two earnest protesters explain the “temperature check” finger-wiggling signal to Stephen, he wonders, “Are we taking this temperature orally, or rectally?… And how… and why?”


(HT: Gothamist)

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