NBA Jams: A Highlight Reel Of Steve Francis Dunks Just Because

Remember when Steve Francis was more than just that guy who took odd pictures with the “bitter beer face” that showed up on Twitter or Instagram every now and then?

Stevie Franchise was one of the most exciting players during his glory years at the University of Maryland and the NBA and this specific video happens to capture a small glimpse why. In a league littered with uber-athletic point guards, Francis played in a generation slightly before his time with a style of play foreshadowing of a guy like Russell Westbrook. While I’m of the assumption Russy is more athletic – which is saying something when taking into consideration how insane Francis was at his peak – similarities are there and enough to incite a small-scale riot around certain basketball heads.

Regardless, click play and kill time doing whatever it is you’re doing this evening or save it until work tomorrow. Just don’t let the boss see or hear you saying “Oh, sh*t!” from your desk. That’d be difficult to explain.

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