Steve-O Celebrated His Release From Jail In The Most (Dangerous) Steve-O Way Ever

Steve-O celebrated his release from his jail stint in the only way the Jackass star could — by flipping upside-down in slow motion while blowing fire, of course. If you’ve been keeping up with the recent saga of Steve-O, you’ll know he only spent eight hours in the clink despite being sentenced to 30 days for climbing a crane and shooting off fireworks in Los Angeles in an anti-SeaWorld stunt/protest in October. Now he’s on The Slow Mo Guys, doing what he does best (dangerous things), only in super-slow motion.

Watch as Steve-O hooks up a giant balloon of water from a tree so it blows up as he breathes fire on it. Gasp in awe as the balloon breaks in stunning high-definition slow-motion so the team has to come back and try again a week later. Be amazed by Steve-O as he becomes one with the elements, fire dancing off his hand and consuming his body, with a giant globule of water suspended next to him. Then, be impressed by the fact that it took 10 fire-breathing backflips to finally get the gorgeous footage.

One thing’s for certain — a fire-breathing backflip into a bursting balloon of water is exactly how everyone should celebrate their release from jail.