Something Strange Happens In This Otherwise Wholesome Video Of Children Playing

A young woman posted this video on Twitter with the following caption: “When the kids you babysit send you vids .. ” What happens in this video is so unexpected that laughs will follow. It’s impossible to say much more without spoiling the end of the clip, but the scene is a familiar one. Two kids hang out in the living room and do the mundane things that kids do. One girl practices her gymnastic-like moves while a boy performs some impromptu dance moves. From there, something so absurd happens that one will praise the likes of smartphone video-recording capabilities.

Of course, things like the above clip have happened in the past. Now we possess the technology to capture such hilariousness, preserve it for posterity, and spread it across the internet. Back when I was this age, my sister and I would rock out to the Dial MTV nightly edition. Duffel bags were our guitars as we imitated our favorite videos on a nightly basis. Our parents surely thought they raised the most bizarre kids, but we never nabbed evidence of our own hilarity. Whereas these kids recorded proof of the living room antics that made them go unintentionally viral. These are telling times in which we live.

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