A Sassy 80-Year-Old Michigan Voter Unloaded On ‘Dirty Mouth’ Trump And People Are Loving Her No-Nonsense Thoughts

An 80-year-old Michigan woman has rocketed to viral fame thanks to sharing her blunt opinions on Donald Trump. During the state’s primary elections on Tuesday, MSNBC stopped to talk to Susan Titus, and boy, did she give them an earful starting with Trump’s wild promise to let Russia do “whatever the hell it wants” to NATO nations.

“NATO is a bulwark against Russian aggression, and he was ready to walk out of that,” Titus told MSNBC before calling out Trump for his “dirty mouth” and his poor treatment of “people of Muslim religious background.”

Titus’ comments only got saltier from there as she shared her true and hilariously profane feelings on the former president.

Via Huffpost:

“I think he’s pretty much an asshole, to coin a phrase,” she added. “And it’s terrifying to me, at 80, to think that he would be one of the last presidents,” she went on. “He could decimate social programs that I’ve been committed to and worked on for a very long time.”

Titus, a retired college professor, said she voted for President Joe Biden on Tuesday, citing her anger at Trump as the main reason, according to NBC News.

The clip of Titus calling Trump an a**hole quickly went viral, prompting The Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell to chime in that it was immediately obvious the sassy voter earned her ample airtime.

“They usually show you 1 sentence soundbites from voters,” O’Donnell tweeted. “I decided Susan Titus deserved more than that.”

O’Donnell was right because people absolutely loved Titus sticking it to Trump. You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Huffpost, Acyn on Twitter)