Watch An Incredibly Calm Suzanne Somers Confront A ‘Near-Naked’ Home Intruder While She Streamed On Facebook Live

Dealing with a home intruder is something no one even wants to imagine, but Suzanne Somers certainly did her best, giving us a how-to in how not to freak the hell out should it happen. And it was all captured on one of the most bizarre Facebook Live streams you’ll ever see.

As Deadline detailed, Somers was live-streaming about a line of cosmetics on Friday when she heard strange sounds coming from somewhere in her home.

The 74-year-old Somers was on Facebook Live Friday evening when the incident occurred. She paused during the recording and told nearby husband, Alan Hamel, that she heard strange noises off-camera.

While Hamel assured, “It’s just a frog,” Somers turned to her left after hearing more noise and viewed the intruder, who remained off-camera during their conversation. The intruder was described as “near-naked” in reports.

The man, who was not shown on camera, starts talking and Somers turns her head away from the livestream to speak to him. He claimed he was “terrified” of something and, when asked why he was inside her home, claimed “there were ghosts following me.” Despite the potentially dangerous situation, Somers calmly suggested the intruder simply leave the way they came in.

“You seem like a very nice person, but you shouldn’t be here,” Somers said plainly. She’s clearly a bit alarmed by the whole thing, but did well not to escalate the situation that could have been much worse.

He claimed to have brought the couple a “gift,” but both quickly declined.

Carpenter then said, “God bless you” before leaving the property. An unflustered Somers then continued with her video.

Police later caught up with the intruder and advised him not to trespass on private property, but no citation was issued.

It almost seems like it’s all too good to be true, both in how easily the situation was diffused and that it was all caught on camera. But thankfully everyone’s OK and Somers smartly and quickly talked the intruder into leaving without anything bad happening.

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