Here’s An Excellent Live-Action Remake Of The ‘Dead Island’ Backwards Trailer

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11.04.13 3 Comments

Two years ago we were mesmerized by the Dead Island backwards trailer, which ended up being far better than the game. The trailer quickly became popular enough to generate interest in a movie adaptation. We then heard a rumor the producer of The Mummy already owned the film rights, but game publisher Deep Silver denied that and added that they’ll only sell the rights if the studio would make a high-quality adaptation.* Now a group of fans made their own high-quality adaptation.

The good folks at Machinima have sweded the majority of that Golden Lion-winning trailer. It’s violent and possibly NSFW. Also awesome. Besides getting the setting and costumes to closely match the trailer, they also cast actors who were a close enough match for their nonexistent counterparts. This almost makes me want to play Dead Island: Riptide until I remembered it sucked.

And here’s the original version, for comparison.

* As for the movie, last we heard it was in development at Lionsgate with the aforementioned producer of The Mummy (Sean Daniel).

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