A Girl’s Sweet 16 Party Was Interrupted By Poop Raining From The Sky

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Every episode of HBO’s Six Feet Under began with the death of a character we’d never seen before. Often, they’d be brought to Fisher & Sons Funeral Home, like the poor bastard in a 2003 episode who was killed by a piece of “blue ice” falling from the sky. No, not Heisenberg’s meth; it was a chunk of poop, pee, and disinfectant dropped out of a plane that froze on the descent to the ground, hence the “ice” part. I can’t think of a worse way to die than to be crushed by someone’s frozen poo. I also can’t think of a funnier way for a Sweet 16 party to be interrupted.

A teenage girl’s birthday party in Levittown, Pennsylvania came to a messy end! A plane dropped feces over the family’s backyard!

Joe Cambray, Jacinda’s stepfather, was playing horseshoes in the backyard. Others were swimming. About 40 people were there for the party. Suddenly, it started raining — but it wasn’t rain that was falling from the sky!

“Out of nowhere, from the sky, comes a bunch of feces!” Cambray said. (Via)

The quotes are marvelous:

“We just got done with cake thank God!”

“I grabbed a hose from over here.”

“I was eating cake, and then I just heard a big splat!”

“Definitely not legal.”

“It was gross!”

Jennifer Lawrence’s reaction:



Jacinda is never going to live this down, or stop hearing sh*tty puns from her classmates.

Via: Fox 6 Now

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