Taco Bell Is Giving Away 1 Million Free Doritos Locos Tacos In January

Hey, do you like both (a) tacos that have been blasted with industrial strength nacho cheese dust, and (b) receiving goods and/or services without being forced to pay for them? Well, hoo boy, do I ever have some good news for you: Starting January 1st, and lasting until the end of the month or until they run out, Taco Bell plans to give away 1 million free Doritos Loco Tacos. That’s … [slides beans around on abacus] … that’s a lot of tacos!


There’s a catch.

The only way you can acquire one of these magical free snack-chip-flavored tacos is by placing your food order through Taco Bell’s mobile app. That’s kind of annoying, especially if you, like me, read “Taco Bell is giving away 1 million free Doritos Locos Tacos” and immediately pictured Taco Bell deploying legions of taco-sack-carrying representatives to street corners and shopping malls across the country — possibly via helicopter — and having them hand out piping hot nacho tacos to throngs of grateful passersby. But still, they’re kicking off the new year by giving you a free taco for buying other tacos with your phone for an entire month. Take that, 2014.