Taco Bell Is Releasing Their Hottest Sauce Yet, The ‘Diablo’

Good news for people who like spicy hot sauce, but aren’t too discerning about what they put it on! On May 5, just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Taco Bell is rolling out a new hot sauce, the Diablo, which they claim will be their spiciest ever. Even spicier than Lava Sauce? Apparently! According to Foodbeast, who got a sample packet in advance, the Diablo sauce is noticeably spicier than Taco Bell’s Fire sauce, and it supposedly tastes pretty decent. I’m imagining Cholula, but maybe slightly spicier?

The bad news is that the Diablo sauce will only be available for a limited time because what Taco Bell giveth, Taco Bell taketh away. So, we recommend getting the jump on and stocking up on Diablo sauce packets — each featuring “brash” messaging — while you can. Or, you know, just carry your own hot sauce around with you. And maybe eat real Mexican food. It’s up to you.