Taco Bell Needs Your Help In Making Taco Emoji A Delicious Reality

Taco Bell wants to make an impact in the way that Unicode Consortium chooses which new emoji are added to our cell phones and tablets this year. After all, this is an exclusive club, as the non-profit organization doesn’t give approval for just any old set of cartoonish icons and expressions that come knocking at its door. In fact, there are just 37 candidates for new emoji for the upcoming release of Unicode 8.0, and among them is a food item that is near and dear to this blogger’s heart – the taco.

The people at my favorite fast food chain have also taken notice of the taco’s eligibility, and they have since launched a campaign to convince Unicode that it absolutely must add this particular emoji. Additionally, Taco Bell has created a Change.org petition to show that the restaurant is muy serioso, and only 2,990 more supporters (as of publication time) are needed to do whatever it is that happens when an online petition reaches its goal.

The taco emoji is a potential candidate for the release, but we need your help convincing them THE TACO EMOJI NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

Why do pizza and hamburger lovers get an emoji but taco lovers don’t? Here’s a better question: why do we need four different types of mailboxes? Or 25 different types of clocks? Or a VCR tape and floppy disk emoji? No one even uses those things anymore.

Regardless, we know we’re not alone. Taco Bell fans everywhere have been asking for a taco emoji for years and now we finally have the chance to help get the people what they want. America wants a taco emoji. America needs a taco emoji. Help us. Sign this petition. Let’s make the taco emoji official.

Taco Bell

And perhaps once this petition has reached its goal we can launch another one to bring back the Volcano Taco already. Taco Bell can give out a million free Doritos Locos Tacos this month and even take the time to respond to Danger’s questions about that viral “commercial,” but no one dares answer my demands for the return of the most delicious food item ever known to man. We must not give up this fight, fellow lava sauce enthusiasts.