Behold, The Taco Cannon!

Above is my salvation a retrofitted 12-chambered T-shirt cannon that’s been modified by Torchy’s Tacos to shoot tacos. Yes, it’s a taco cannon. This 750-pound Gatling gun on wheels is powered by a car battery and launches 12 barrels of delicious taco goodness using pressurized carbon dioxide. The tacos are wrapped in bandanas, because apparently people didn’t want to be showered with loose meat and lettuce, the wussies. Taco rain is the weather forecast of champions.

In ideal weather, the taco cannon can launch tacos 200 feet, which is great if you absolutely, positively have to fill a one-block-over neighbor’s pool with tacos. The taco cannon will be in action today through Sunday at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas. Check out a couple more pictures below:

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