A Taco Shop Trolled Some Burglars With Magnificent Video Revenge

Hell hath no fury like a ransacked taco shop. Fortunately, revenge is sweet when it comes to viral video success. The owners of the Frijoles & Frescos Grilled Tacos restaurant in Las Vegas took aim at two hapless burglars who trashed the place. They smashed equipment, tore through the kitchen, and did some exterior damage. The restaurant owners may have been angry, but they didn’t show their hand. Instead, they patiently spliced together security footage with special narrative captions. The end of the video clearly shows these guys’ faces next to a phone number where folks can report them.

That’s not the best part. The restaurant did such a troll job that these burglars will be practically famous due to the video’s hilarity. Of course, these guys were so inept that they didn’t help their case. Who steals an empty cash register? All the while, the video’s captions mercilessly made fun of these guys’ taco cravings. Now these men are famous not only for burglarizing a taco shop, but by appearing hapless during the act. This video perfectly captions all of the fails. How embarrassing, and someone will turn them in to police. Internet fame just isn’t worth it, guys.