Taika Waititi Recalled Directing Trump For A Commercial And Dealing With His Absurd ‘List Of Demands’ (Such As Making Him Look ‘Thinner’)

Before he was a polarizing U.S. president hated by most of Hollywood, Donald Trump was in the entertainment business. He had his own TV show and everything. He was even in some movies, always as himself, and he’s worked with some big time directors. One was, amazingly, Taika Waititi.

Per Insider, the Next Goal Wins filmmaker recently went on the podcast SmartLess, where he reflected on directing a Super Bowl commercial back in 2012. It was called “Brotherhood of Man,” and it included characters from some of NBC’s biggest shows, including 30 Rock and SNL. It also included the then-star of The Apprentice, and it doesn’t sound like he was easy to work with.

“I directed Trumpy,” Waititi bragged. “There was a piece of paper with a list of demands. The height of the camera had to be a certain height to make him look a little thinner.”

Waititi then joked about Trump’s curious skin, saying, “I think it had whatever the Pantone for orange was that he had to appear as on screen.”

But seriously, folks, Trump was just as enamored with yes men than as now. “He had a makeup person who was also his ego booster and she would touch him up and say, ‘Oh, Mr. Trump, oh Mr. Trump,’” said Waititi.

Back when he was directing the Home Alone 2 guy, Waititi’s star was still ascending. He’d already helmed some features, including Eagle vs. Shark and Boy, and he was about to do the What We Do in the Shadows movie, as well as the Sam Neill-starring Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Then came Thor: Ragnarok, which he admitted he only did because he needed money. And now look at him.

(Via Insider)