Here’s Footage Of The Inferno At A Taiwan Water Park That Injured Hundreds

Footage has been released showing the fire that broke out at the Taiwan Formosa Water Park, injuring hundreds and leaving many wondering what happened. BBC reports that close to 100 patrons were injured in the blaze that started near dark on Saturday:

More than 80 had serious injuries, the Taipei fire department said. Some victims suffered 40% burns according to CNA news agency.

The accident happened during a “colour play” party at Formosa Water Park in New Taipei City’s Bali district.

Of the 215 people injured, 83 suffered serious burns, while 132 sustained minor burns, a fire department spokesman told the BBC…

More than 1,000 people were near the stage when the blaze started and an unknown substance exploded, he added.

You can see an image that has been circulating below thanks to Focus Taiwan, showing one of the guests dealing with burns on her legs.

Reports indicate that a powdery substance entered the dance area at Formosa Water Park, igniting near the stage as you can see in the video above. There’s no word on what this substance could be, but it is clearly involved judging from how the fire spread.

(Via BBC / Focus Taiwan)