‘Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration’: All The Ape Man You Could Ever Need

Say what you will about pulp heroes: There’s no denying the guys got some absolutely killer art made for them.
And Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration puts a lot of it in one place. If you’re a fan of pulp art, this book is a must-have.
The book offers an in-depth history of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ creation courtesy of Scott Tracy Griffin, probably one of the best Burroughs scholars out there. Griffin gets in-depth but stays breezy enough for casual fans to enjoy his text.
But it’s really the art that’s the draw here. The book includes full-color reproductions of work by Neal Adams, Frank Frazetta, Hal Foster, Robert Abbett, Boris Vallejo, Gil Kane, and quite a few others, all of them in full color and often from the original commissioned work, although there’s a huge collection of Tarzan comic strips, comic book covers from companies such as DC, Gold Key, and Dark Horse, plus quite a few unpublished illustrations as well.
There are two more strips on the next few pages, but if you’re a fan of pulp art, this is worth every cent of the $40: Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration is out today.