Taylor Sheridan And Cole Hauser Reportedly Got Into A Physical Brawl, Long Before The New ‘Yellowstone’-Related Lawsuit

The Yellowstone bad blood between Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan seemingly culminated with the former not being invited back for the cowboy soap opera’s final episodes. That was the suggestion from Costner when he admitted that he’d possibly sue producers, but there’s another actor who is still onboard the series — with no indication that he is leaving — and who might find the filming situation mighty awkward.

That’s the case after Sheridan’s Bosque Ranch sued Cole Hauser’s Free Rein Coffee Company brand. Hauser, of course, portrays fan favorite Rip Wheeler, and in a 2022 interview with Men’s Journal, he actually revealed that being on a horse does not come naturally to him, but “[f]*ck it, you just gotta get back on the horse and do it.” Yet he clearly embraced the cowboy vibes, which he was spreading with the coffee brand as well, to the point where Sheridan’s ranch felt that the logos were too similar and therefore “confusing” (possibly because Yellowstone has filmed at Bosque Ranch).

As a result, the ranch filed a trademark infringement/false advertising lawsuit, and that has led people to notice another excerpt in that Men’s Journal interview when asked if he’d “been in a bar fight.”

This led to an admission that Hauser and Sheridan “got into a fight” upon their second meeting, along with Hauser discussing how he finds nothing wrong with two guys who decided to “beat the sh*t out of each other.” Hmm:

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with fighting. Sometimes I’m just tired of words, so let’s beat the sh*t out of each other. Maybe at the end of it you’ll buy me a Guinness and I’ll buy you a Bushmills, and we’ll be done. It’s kind of what guys do.”

Do guys also have their companies file lawsuits against each other, years after said physical fight? That remains unclear, and neither Sheridan nor Hauser has commented on the new legal proceedings. Again, this sounds uncomfortable as hell, and it seems like if everything was just fine, then the logo subject could been worked out before it got to the lawsuit stage. Or not?

(Via NY Post)