An Angry Ex-Girlfriend Outed This Teacher For Allegedly Having Sex With A Student

Meet 24-year-old Kayla Mooney of Danbury, Conn., a first-year science teacher at the local high school who told administrators that a student was spreading rumors about sleeping with her. When the school looked into the matter (per her request), they um, found out it might not have been a rumor

The rumors prompted first-year teacher Kayla Mooney to twice complain to high school administrators — first to say the student himself was spreading the rumors, and next to report she was being harassed by the student’s ex-girlfriend.

Mooney’s Feb. 6 complaint about the angry ex-girlfriend led administrators to interview the male student about whether the rumors were true. He said they were, according to the police report.

Mooney was arrested at the end of March for sexual assault and distributing alcohol to a minor. She was also placed on administrative leave. She was outed in large part by the boy’s angry ex-girlfriend who said she “resented Mooney for having sex” with him. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

When police conducted their investigation, they reportedly found phone calls, text messages and emails between the two, one of which described an alleged sexual tryst.

“We drove to Cedar Road and sat and talked for a couple of hours. Then we kissed and I moved my seat back…” the youth told police. “Then I took off her shirt and we had sex.”

The youth told police he had sex with Mooney a second time two weeks later when she picked him up from his house at 11 p.m., gave him Smirnoff vodka and drove him to the East Lake Reservoir, where they had sex outside on a blanket.

Mooney has yet to enter a plea in court.

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