Man Surprises Fiancée By Finding And Restoring Her Destroyed Childhood Teddy Bear

Vas Alli proposed to his girlfriend, Jessica, on Christmas Eve 2012. So he had quite an uphill climb if he wanted to top that Christmas surprise this year. I think he might have pulled it off, if her reaction in the video above is any indication.

Vas tracked down Elizabeth’s completely destroyed childhood teddy bear, Whitey, and went through the arduous task of reconstructing the bear Jessica had had since her first day in this world. (Whitey was a gift to Jessica’s mother during her mother’s baby shower, so he’s technically older than Jessica.) According to Val, the process wasn’t exactly easy:

After a month of research and looking through over 10,000 vintage teddy bears online, I was able to find clues to reconstruct her childhood teddy bear “Whitey.” … When I began this venture, Whitey was in two pieces (his head ripped off) and missing an ear, his nose, both eyes, and not to mention half of his stuffing was gone. So, I took him to the Secaucus Doll and Teddy Bear Hospital, and after a week, they were able to restore him to his original glory.

I think it’s safe to say she has a keeper on her hands (as long as she can continue to overlook his inability to shoot horizontal video).

Vas Alli