This Teenager Pulled A Terrifying 4-Inch Centipede From His Ear

This story is truly the stuff of nightmares, and it will make you dash for ear plugs and never look back. Will you look like a paranoid goofball? Sure. But you won’t wake up tomorrow morning with a 4-inch centipede in one ear.

An Arkansas teenager, Grant Botti, awoke on Tuesday morning and knew something was wrong. He felt searing ear pain and promptly investigated the matter. After locating a foreign body in his ear canal, he quickly reacted. He grabbed ahold and started pulling. And pulling.

A live centipede emerged from Grant’s ear. His mother rushed him to the emergency room where doctors discovered abrasions on Grant’s eardrum. Apparently, even the emergency room staff was freaked out by this one.

Grant’s mom, Angela, says he went swimming recently, and perhaps he picked up the insect in the water? Nope. The critter must have crawled in while Grant dreamt of wonderful things. When he awoke, the real nightmare began.

(Via KATV)