The Crazy Details Of A Teenager Who Faked A 10-Month Pregnancy On

A 16-year-old girl in Wyandotte, Michigan, a suburb just outside Detroit, is facing possible criminal charges after it was revealed that she faked a pregnancy carrying triplets for 10 months. Which, coincidentally, was also what eventually partially tipped people off, since pregnancies typically only last for nine months. Clearly not a criminal mastermind, the unnamed teen used a website called to pull the whole thing off., if you’re wondering, boasts “the best gag gifts on earth,” and is home to the $9.95 fake ultrasound. God bless America.

The Wyandotte community is now furious with the teen, who had been accepting cash donations from churches, nonprofits and even a Facebook group called “Moms of Triplets,” in addition to a baby shower thrown for her by the supposed father’s family, a 16-year-old named Jordan who was likewise in the dark about the whole thing.

The ruse started to unravel when a woman in the Moms of Triplets discovered that the girl’s ultrasound photos matched the ones from and contacted the boy’s family. Things moved quickly from there, according to Detroit’s Fox 2 News.

FOX 2 was told the expectant mother lied until the very end. Last week, the day before her C-section, she claimed she lost the babies but refused to go to the doctor. That’s when Jordan’s aunt called the authorities, who are now investigating.

“So, I told the hotline she has three babies that she’s supposed to be full term with, and she won’t go to the hospital and they don’t have heartbeats. So, they sent detectives over there and she finally cracked and told the detectives that she lost them at six weeks,” [the boy’s aunt] says.

It’s unknown if the girl’s parents were in on the scam (or if she was ever even pregnant to begin with), but considering that she was underage and doesn’t have a driver’s license, she would have needed some way of getting around to her fake doctor’s appointments.

I think this whole thing can best be summed up by the boyfriend’s T-shirt, when he was interviewed on camera. Crazy always seems like a good idea at the time.

(Via Fox 2 Detroit)