Check Out The New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ In Leaked Photos

These are not them.

Last week we saw a ridiculous Halloween costume for Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. Remember when the bad guy in The Mask stole Jim Carrey’s mask and put it on, then his face got all puffy and green? That’s what the costume looks like.

And it’s not as though weird missteps are hard to believe coming from this production. Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebsman toyed with making the Turtles aliens and renaming it just Ninja Turtles, so our reaction to the Halloween costume was easy to express with a GIF.

There’s good news, however. A tipster sent CBM pictures of maquettes of the Ninja Turtles and concept art of Shredder. Leonardo is looking acceptable, and Shredder is looking, uh . . . pointy? There was also a promotional poster of the finished Turtles found by Comicbooktherapy.

We’re not allowed to use any of these photos, so check them out over at CBM and Comicbooktherapy while they last.

Shredder will be played by William Fichtner. Yes, both Shredder and Splinter are going to be played by white dudes. Ken Watanabe was robbed, you guys. Then again, they do have Megan Fox on a trampoline, so maybe they put all of their pre-production budget into trampoline auditions. That would explain a lot.

(Banner picture by Jacob Martin via Creative Commons license.)