Ten Characters We’d Like To See In ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’

Yesterday, Warner Bros. Interactive perhaps unsurprisingly rolled out Green Arrow as a new character in Injustice: Gods Among Us, or as I’ve been calling it DC Universe Minus Mortal Kombat.
For the fighting fans, as you may have guessed he’s a gadget character, pretty heavy on the projectiles, prone to long-range juggling. We’re pretty sure Aquaman and Green Lantern will also be in the mix, since they’ve got almost the whole Justice League there anyway. But considering that they claim to have a large roster for the game, and there are almost no villains in the mix, here are ten characters I’d love to see beating some spandex ass.
First of all, he started out as a classic Flash villain. Secondly, his powers are uniquely suited to a fighting game: He can make things out of shadow, teleport, and has a haughty demeanor. I’m a little surprised Capcom didn’t blatantly rip him off back in the ’90s for Darkstalkers.
Hey, he’s got a hook on a chain, guns, a dawg and he likes violence. We can see it now: “GET OVER HERE, YA BASTITCH!”
While I doubt he could call in Ted for air support, it would still be nice to see Booster, a character DC has slowly turned from an egotistical joke into a genuine hero, to finally get his due.
Yes, he’d be a “gadget” character, but one thing I’ve always liked about Mister Terrific is the fact that he’s one of the most intelligent men in the DCU. Fighting game characters are always more enjoyable when they’re clever, and I can see Terrific having a very crafty moveset.
She’s a fan favorite and honestly, this game is so far pretty short on female combatants: There are three out of ten announced so far. She’s also got a good mix of gadgets and hand-to-hand skills, so she’d make a good all around fighter as well.
Hey, it doesn’t say “DC Characters” in the title.
I know this wouldn’t be likely to happen, but honestly, I think the Goon, who regularly beats the crap out of everything supernatural, would have a fairly good shot at taking out most of the DCU in a one on one fight. Also, I want to see Frankie try his classic “KNIFE TO THE EYE!” on Superman. Is that so wrong?
OK, fine, fine, he doesn’t count.
Because if nothing else, they can just reuse Sindel’s moveset. Honestly, I’ve just always liked this obscure villain for some reason, and actually her return in Supergirl was very well handled and is so far a lot of fun.
This will never happen because of the character’s ties to Judeo-Christian belief (remember, he IS the Left Hand of God), but it would be fun to see more magic users in the game, and besides, if this is a huge event affecting the DCU, he’s got to be involved somehow.
For two reasons: One, Sleeper was one of the best espionage comics of the last decade. Two, Carver’s entire power is absorbing pain inflicted on him and then putting flashes of that pain into his fists when he hits people. True, this is entirely a metaphor for Carver’s inability to put his own life back together and his lashing out at others… but it also makes a really neat power for a fighting game!
If I could just beat the crap out of Guy Gardner constantly in this game, I’d not only buy a copy, I’d buy everyone I know copies. Bonus points if you can drop him in one punch.
Every fighting game needs a seemingly ridiculous character who, if you can figure out how to play him properly, turns out to be lethal. What’s DC going to do, include Vibe?
Oh God, they are including Vibe, aren’t they?