Test Subjects Were Unable To Tell The Difference Between Filtered Sewage And Bottled Water

Poop water is all the rage these days, with Bill Gates championing for the Janicki Omniprocessor, the machine that has the power to revolutionize the way people consume water throughout the world. So Buzzfeed visited the Orange County Sanitation District, which uses a three step GWRS (or, Groundwater Replenishment System) to purify sewage water. The GWRS is different from the Janicki Omniprocessor in that it uses water that has been preliminarily treated, but is still dirty and full of viruses — whereas the Omniprocessor can handle pure sludge with solid fecal matter.

But how does it taste? While Jimmy Fallon previously vouched for Bill Gates’ poop water, Buzzfeed assembled a blind taste test that included sewage water, tap water, and Fiji bottled water. The consensus was that most people thought the tap water was the sewage, and that the sewage water and highly priced bottled water were interchangeable.

So get used to it — because it’ll probably only be a matter of time before we’re all drinking poop water. And you thought it was gross when Kevin Costner drank his own pee in Waterworld.