A Texas Teacher Had To Answer To School Officials After Drawing A Penis On A Student’s Assignment

The mother of an El Paso, Texas high school student is trying to get her son transferred to another school after an incident in which his Language Arts teacher scribbled what she considers to be a vulgar drawing on one of his assignments. The Chapin High School teacher in question, Kim Juzdowski, says she drew a penis across the boy’s assignment “because he wasn’t doing anything in class,” if you can pick up on that crack metaphor.

The parent, Sandra Green, was appalled to have discovered an image of the drawing on her son’s social media. At the time, she said, as an educator herself, “There’s no way the teacher really did this.” However, when Green reached out to Juzdowski, she admitted to attempting to motivate her kids by embarrassing them, and pulled the whole “I’m sorry if you were offended” non-apology, offering to have the boy moved to another class.

ABC-7 reached out to EPISD which responded in a statement: “The teacher has acknowledged the inappropriate behavior in class. The incident is being dealt with administratively. We’re working to accommodate the request of the parent and what’s best for the student.”

“If it was a man teacher doing it to a female student, they would have taken this totally serious,” Green said. “But because it’s the other way around I think they’re letting the light side go on it. And I just want him out of the environment.”

To be fair, if it were a man who drew the image, it would have also had a drastically different context than a woman having done it. Regardless, while it is definitely not appropriate for teachers to be drawing genitalia on student assignments (unless it’s the sex ed teacher, of course), it’s also very telling of the society we live in that the mother was more upset about a harmless dick drawing than the fact that her son was dicking around in class.

Juzdowski does not face any disciplinary actions because the school district says she confessed to what she had done, and the boy’s mother has since filed a grievance to get her son transferred to another school.

(ABC 7 News via BroBible)