Watch This Thai Gentleman Rub Fire Ants On His Crotch And React Accordingly

No matter how many stupid decisions you’ve ever made in life, at least you’re not the guy in this video. A Thai man decided, for whatever reason, to stuff a branch full of fire ants into his underwear. His buddies pitched in to help because — let’s face it — you can’t talk a crazy person out of a dream come true.

The set up is almost cruel. The man swaggers with bravado. He’s got this. Several dozen creatures biting at his crotch are no match for him. Never mind that one guy dons a glove to handle the branch of fire. And the reaction is almost immediate.

One wonders how this gentleman appeared at such a crossroad. What made him decide to shake things up by allowing his friends to torture him so? Perhaps he lost a bet. Maybe he slept with one of the other dudes’ wives. Or these guys could have been bored out of their skulls.

As always, what’s going on elsewhere in a video only accentuates the main event. While this man shrieks in terrible pain, his friends react calmly and only with the slightest bit of amusement. Cars drive by like nothing is amiss. Just some bros hanging out on the side of the road. Stuffing fire down someone’s pants.

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