There’s A VD Outbreak In Thailand Because Men Are Embarrassed To Buy Proper Condoms For Their Junk

small penis

Thailand has a serious problem on their hand. According to the Ministry of Public Health, sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise since 2005. “Decreased usage of condoms” was cited as one of the biggest reasons. The other reason? Teenagers using condoms too big for their penis, mostly because they’re embarrassed. As a result Thailand has created a condom program of sorts:

Dr Sophon Mekthon, director-general of the Department of Disease Control, said a survey covering about 3,000 people in 22 provinces in January found that the percentage of people knowing how to use condoms…

The survey also found that the percentage of people feeling embarrassed about buying condoms at drug and convenience stores rose from 41.2% last year to 43.6%.

OK, men of Thailand, gonna give you a quick rundown of how to use a condom:

1) Open the package
2) Unroll it
3) Make sure the tip is up
4) Put it on your penis

It’s that simple, trust me. And stop using Trojan Magnums, OK?

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