This Map Shows Which States Will Have The Worst Thanksgivings This Year

Trying to decide which branch of the family to spend Thanksgiving with this year? The map below might be your key to making the right choice.

Estately put together the map, which shows the U.S. states most/least likely to have a miserable Thanksgiving, by using data to estimate the likelihood that six Thanksgiving-ruining scenarios will occur in each state: food poisoning, relatives getting drunk and making a scene, raucous political arguments, meal-ruining dietary restrictions, depressing NFL results, and deal-happy family members abandoning the meal to get in line for Black Friday deals.

If maps aren’t your thing, here’s a 1-50 ranking of the states. Poor Ohio is most likely to have a miserable Thanksgiving, while Hawaiians will likely add the holiday experience to their list of things to be thankful for.

Estately based their rankings on data from the CDC (salmonella cases per capita, binge-drinkers per capita, diabetes rates), the 2012 Presidential election (states with the most even split between Democratic and Republican voters), and Facebook (vegetarians/vegans per capita, losing percentage for Thanksgiving Day games of residents’ favorite teams, percentage of users expressing interest in Black Friday sales). Divorce rate was used to break any ties.