You Shall Not Peck: ‘ThanksKilling 3’ Goes 16-bit In A New, Turkey-Avenging Clip

“Dinner is coming to get you. And it’s got a chainsaw.” — Twitch

ThanksKilling was a low-budget horror movie about a foul-mouthed, evil turkey (named Turkie) who kills college students during Thanksgiving break. Tagline: “Gobble, gobble, motherf–ker!” Looks like the hunters became the hunted.

The hilarious awfulness of the Thanksgiving-themed horror garnered a cult following, and director Jordan Downey and crew were able to raise over $112,000 for the sequel on Kickstarter. ThanksKilling 3 — yes, three — hits video on demand next week, and Twitch has a clip and trailer for us.

Advertised as “the first movie to skip its own sequel”, ThanksKilling 3 follows the chainsaw-wielding Turkie as he tries to find the last copy of the unreleased ThanksKilling 2, which is being protected by “disturbingly crude puppets”. So meta.

The death toll rises as Turkie carves through the likes of Flowis the rapping grandma, Rhonda the bisexual space worm, Yomi the puppet in search of her mind, and their equally ridiculous friends who all travel through fantastical settings such as the FeatherWorld and Turkey Hell. With the guidance of Uncle Donny (Dan Usaj), the wig-wearing inventor of the PluckMaster 3000, Jefferson (Joe Hartzler), Head of Security at ThanksgivingLand, and a WiseTurkey, the gatekeeper to the FeatherWorld, our collection of raunchy characters hope to fend off the murderous rampage of Turkie, all while trying to help Yomi find her mind. [official synopsis]

Holy crap. Can we bottle this weirdness so I can baste a turkey with it? I want this inside me.

The first video below shows a 16-bit animated fight between the pun-slinging Turkie and the Gandalf-channeling WiseTurkey. We’ve also embedded the trailer below, which only leaves me with so many more questions.