The ‘Apparently Kid’ Is Back, For Fans Of Cute Children And The Word ‘Apparently’

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08.06.14 9 Comments

Remember Noah Ritter, the kid who is a really big fan of the word “apparently” and who stole the hearts of the internet yesterday — along with Newswatch 16’s Sofia Ojeda’s news segment reporting from the Wayne County Fair? Of course you do. Well, young Noah has since appeared on news outlets such as Good Morning America and ABC World News, because of course he did, since — like Tara the Hero Cat before him — the media is not likely to forget such a staggering local news hero of Noah’s caliber anytime soon. Or, at least for this week.

So, catching up with Noah, in the 24 or so hours it’s been since he’s become a bona fide internet sensation, clearly it’s already gone to his head. In this first clip, he immediately he wants to know if “the people in Africa saw him,” and that he would like to present them with the gift of fish (because while he may now be a young egomaniac, at least he’s a philanthropic one), in addition to bragging about the size his larger-than-average brain, which — while large — is not quite the size of a pelican.

This kid, I’ll tell ya. Tara the Cat literally saved human life and you didn’t see her making demands for a “refreshing drink.”

And while we’re at it, here’s Noah’s Good Morning America appearance:

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