The Best Of #April Ludgate

This is such a no-brainer. April Ludgate is amazing. She’s played by the world’s sexiest stroke victim. And now that we’re officially in the holiday season I think we can all agree that she’s the spirit animal we need and deserve as we work to subtly undermine the rest of the world’s enthusiasm. “I hate talking. To people. About things.” Just perfect.

I like to think of Aubrey Plaza GIFs as the darker, less bosom-y cousins of Alison Brie GIFs. Sure, they may not spring you out of your chair quite as quickly but once you get to know them you’ll probably end up appreciating them more. Also, if someone could start a Tumblr or Twitter feed dedicated to Jerry insults like yesterday that would be great. The photoshop line slays me on like ten different levels.

#April Ludgate

Not April Ludgate, just Aubrey Plaza, but this must be shared.