The Best Of #Avengers Lulz

Avengers week is finally here, folks. “We have a Hulk,” amirite?

With the movie tracking at ridiculously positive rate AND already raking in close to 200 mil overseas, I think it’s safe to assume we’re going to have a bigger success on our hands than originally imagined. And everyone originally imagined it would be a really huge f’n success. I guess this means by the time the credits roll I will somehow be taking Captain America’s costume seriously. Well played, Whedon.

So let’s bring a little levity to all this “success” by poking internet fun at “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” a few days before we all donate tens of dollars to the box office, shall we? We’ve got GIFs, photoshops, parody posters, nonsensical captions, and even Catvengers ahead. Thanks to Robopanda and the tireless Avengers coverage over at Gamma Squad (here, here, and here) as a lot of what is to follow was housed there at an earlier date, including a few Robo originals.

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