The Best Of #Entertainment 720

Tom Haverford and Jean Ralphio’s swagtastic business venture is easily my favorite sitcom subplot going right now. As much fun as the “Tammy One” experience was last week I didn’t want the Ben visiting Entertainment 720 scenes to end. Just relentless comedy. I’m desperately pushing for the UPROXX overlords to consider the 720 biz model going forward. A coin graphic with my and Cajun Boy’s likenesses is one way to start.

I of course am not alone in my appreciation for being flush with cash. Combine the Tumblr action out there with all the good times media on the official Entertainment 720 website (do yourself a favor and check out the pro forma income projections) and you’ve got yourself a Best Of # where dreams come to come true. Note the assorted 720 swag peppered throughout. I call dibs on the Rubik’s cube and boxer briefs.

Alright, enough words. Take me there!

Sources: #Entertainment 720 & Entertainment 720: The Website