The Best Of #Leslie Knope

Parks and Rec finally returns this week, making Thursday night whole once again as we’ll enjoy new Community and new Parks for the first time in what seems like an eternity. With the remainder of the season being dedicated to Leslie Knope’s city council campaign, the time is now to pay tribute to Amy Poehler’s portrayal of everyone’s favorite go-getting, waffle-loving, Eagleton-hating government employee.

Over its first season Parks and Recreation evolved as much as any sitcom in recent memory, and the evolution of Poehler’s Leslie Knope played a huge role and has greatly influenced the show’s ongoing excellence since. What started as a Michael Scott impersonation was slowly but surely crafted into one of the most beloved and genuine characters on television.

She doesn’t receive quite the cult recognition some of her counterparts do, and with so much scene stealing going on she doesn’t always get the credit she deserves for killer one-liners and memorable moments. But they certainly are plentiful. Isn’t that right, Hillary? So let’s remedy that recognition part right now.