The Best Of #Louie

Mondays are oh so enjoyable when I get to jump head first into Best of # the week we have a favorite show returning. It’s like finding a twenty in the pocket of the pair of pants I didn’t put on this morning. Paying tribute to FX’s Louie and UPROXX hero/spirit-guide/religious-figure Louis C.K.  feels even more apropos seeing as how we kicked off today going all Voltron on the internet. Not to mention the man himself spent the weekend gloriously insulting his Twitter followers and their mothers. So yeah, it was all meant to be.
The only thing that wasn’t star aligned is the amount of dogs and Korean pop stars presumably named “Louie” in the Tumblr #Louie tag. Didn’t see that coming. Totally worth it though as compiling all this Louis C.K. magic has me feeling like I just took a sh*t in Hitler’s mouth. Enjoy.