The Best Of ‘Parks And Recreation’s’ #Jerry Gergich

After last week’s glorious “Bobby Newport. BOBby NEWport. BobBY NewPORT.” scene I couldn’t hold off giving Jerry Gergich the “Best of #” treatment any longer. He’s inching closer and closer to being my favorite character on television. Or at least top ten. He’s definitely my favorite secondary supporting character (i.e. doesn’t make the opening credits) on any show on television. Thanks to Community for promoting Jim Rash and making that distinction easy. Daddy’s not great at picking favorites.

Throughout the history of television the running doormat character has played an important — if not integral — role. In my opinion no show has ever accomplished this quite as masterfully as Parks has with Jerry though. It’s to the point where he has his own doormat mythology. His real name is Gary! Gary! Maybe it says something about me or a latent bullying personality trait that resides in the recesses of my brain but I honestly can’t get enough of Jerry torment. Is it too late to request a conference room bottle episode for this season?

Parks is a show that manages to be edgy while also having a heart, but there’s no heart shown towards Jerry, which is one of things that keeps it edgy. I love that. Even if it only makes a modicum of sense. So here’s every scrap of Jerry-related humor I could find. I see no way it doesn’t improve your Monday. “He had one job to do.”

Sources: #Jerry Gergich & F*ck No Jerry Gergich

Jim O’Heir pulled a Jerry on Twitter…

“Stop being so pretentious, Kyle.” – Jerry to Jerry’s Jerry