The Best Of #Pierce Hawthorne

Is Chevy Chase a dick? Of course he is. Is he completely clueless about the brilliance happening around him every day on the set of Community? Most definitely. Do I wish I’d included a “notorious @sshole” caveat when I put together that Chevy Chase + Awesome People gallery? You betcha. With every day that passes do I associate this version of Chevy less and less with Irwin R. Fletcher? Without a doubt.

But here’s the thing: Pierce Hawthorne has been a serious comedy contributor to Community whether anyone wants to recognize it or not. And with Community’s three episode finale looming this Thursday night and Chevy’s future as part of the 13 episode (seriously, wtf?) Friday night (SERIOUSLY, WTF?) fourth season in question, let’s take a look back at how streets ahead Pierce Hawthorne has been at times over the years. He would have moved the show to Friday nights two seasons ago.


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