The Best Of #Rob McElhenney And #Fat Mac

Editorial Director
08.15.11 4 Comments

We’re exactly a month away from Always Sunny Season 7 and ever since the Hallmark promos hit the web I’ve been internally debating whether I’m more excited for football or the debut of Fat Mac. So in honor of Rob McElhenney’s brilliant, often overlooked work as everyone’s favorite make-believe black belt, I wanted to dedicate this edition of “Best of #” to the Always Sunny character I tell everyone is best and everyone disagrees.

Problem is “Mac” is a purposely ambiguous name and the #Mac Tumblr tag is pretty much a bunch of geeks comparing workspaces. I’ve had to roll with the #Rob+McElhenney tag, resist the urge to include Rob and Kaitlin wedding and baby photos, and then sprinkle in some #Fat+Mac and a screengrab from Rob’s 90’s anti-smoking PSA to accomplished the “Best of #” brilliance you’ve all become accustomed to (looking at you relatives I make uncomfortable on Facebook).

Time to crank up the Bell Biv Devoe, brush up on your karate moves, and enjoy, starting with this tremendous compilation GIF by Electric-Dream-Machine. “You can’t censor me, bro. I’m kind of a bad@ss.”

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