The Best Of The Reddit AMA The Cast Of ‘The League’ Did Yesterday

FX’s hilarious The League returns for another season of dick jokes, dick jokes, and more dick jokes on Thursday, October 11th, at 9:30 p.m. To promote, the cast and crew, including creators Jackie and Jeff Schaffer and Katie Aselton (Jenny), Mark Duplass (Pete), Nick Kroll (Ruxin), Stephen Rannazzisi (Kevin), Ike Barinholtz (“The Body”), and Jon LaJoie (Taco), participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday, where they answered questions about guest stars, Rafi, Jenny in her underwear, and Dr. Andre Nowzick’s outfits.

Here best answers for dum Bobbum Man, I mean, the best responses from the AMA.

Hey Nick! I can’t go out to a bar without someone yelling “Ruxin!” at me. Can I be your stand-in?

You look more like Randy Jackson than Ruxin, dawg. – Nick Kroll

I am constantly baffled by the professional players you get onto the show. Do they call you guys or do you have to wine and dine them to get on the show? Also, do you ask them for FFL advice when they are on set?

They often approach us to be on the show – which is AWESOME. And of course we fucking torture them with FF questions on set, shamelessly. How obsessed with this trivial pastime do you think we are??

Hey thank you for doing this AMA again. I am just wondering why FX decides to air your show at the same time as Thursday Night Football? I assume that a decent amount of your fan base are big football fans and are conflicted which to watch.

THANK YOU. NO ONE LISTENS TO US. We begged. We cajoled. We wanted to move to a different night. But honestly they feel like the show has enough of a comedy following outside football fans that it won’t make a difference. (last year our ratings held up against football so they have Thursday Hubris)


Please tell me Gronk will be participating in this season

We asked him and his brothers – he said he was busy! Tweet him and tell him he’s a fool.


Will Jeff Goldblum be gracing The League with his presence again this season?

We are working on it as we type. He’s a busy guy but we are hoping Rupert will be back this season.

Huge fan of The League! I’ve always wondered, how much of the show is improvised?

We write out full shows in advance with all the action and a lot of dialogue (come on people, having a 7′ lavender stuffed character appear is not improvised). We also have bibles of Dialogue and jokes we keep with us that aren’t in the scripts (shit we don’t want to show FX before we try it) but we do leave lots of room and time for the actors to improvise dialogue on set too and a lot of that gets added into the show which keeps it feeling loose and authentic. Or so we think…


It’s Katie’s Aselton’s Birthday today – Wish her a happy bday here people!

What NFL players can you confirm make guest appearances on the show? I’ve heard Ryan Fitzpatrick was going to be in an episode.

Ok let’s spill it here. RG3, Trent Richardson, Matt Kalil, Ryan Kalil, Felix Jones, Brandon Carr, Jason Witten, Jay Ratliff, Desean Jackson – did we mention thats just the FIRST episode? Get ready, people. This season rocks.

That image has nothing to do with the question. I just like it. (Via)

This one’s for Frank “The Body” Gibiatti. Can I get some info on one of these russian brides? a 6 would be a massive upgrade for most of the internet community.

Valeria is a hard Kiev 7, which is a chicago. Just honest.


My question is, does it ever get weird for Mark when Stephen and Katie are shooting one of their more “intimate” scenes?

Sometimes Steve freezes up in the group scenes and kisses/ touches Katie like it’s his sister. And we have to yell at him to grope her appropriately.


Will the cast do a comedy tour again soon? And for the love of Goodell will they come to DC?

OK – you heard it here first. We will be announcing the first 2012 THE LEAGUE LIVE show this WEDNESDAY. Get ready.


Are you going to bring Mr. McGibblets back? Quite possibly the greatest child’s toy ever.

We are working on it – and it will be amazing.

So, can we get another shot of Jenny in her underwear? (You were all thinking it)

We’ll work on that. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle with “Sofia” naked from behind.


As proof, can you have Jon LaJoie write and record a song about this AMA? Maybe do a live version of Pete’s Little Tiny Erect Dick? I have an anticiperection just thinking about it.

OK – you want a live version of Pete’s Tiny Erect Dick? You’re on. We will film this and post it next week. And you will find a way to thank us for wasting so much of FXs money on set to do so.

Has there been a scene that was so offensive that it actually ended up getting cut from the show?

FX is pretty cool but let’s just say there is a version of the Naginta song from Season 2 Episode 3 that will only ever exist for our own personal amusement.

who came up with the concept for three penis wine and how stoned were they when they did? is taco as cool in real life as he is on the show?

Its a real thing in Asia – we’ve seen up to 9 penises (in wine, come on people, how foul do you think we are?) Our friend Sean bought us a bottle as a gag gift. We thought it was insane and wrote it into the show. Thank Sean for that.

The greatest job in tv has to be the person that selects Andre’s wardrobe. Who is that genius and how do they get the inspiration?

Christina and Robin – the stars of The League Wardrobe Department – forever finding new ways for Andre to embarrass himself sartorially

What is tacos real name? Will we ever know?

We debated if we should tell you people this season… So far not happening. If we get to Season 5 we might have to – brutal to keep that secret only we know – Jackie and Jeff


Do you think a Rafi spin-off would be overkill? Or underkill? There’s no middle ground.

I want to do Rafi animated show. Shit you not. I have to get around to talking to Jason about it. Does anyone else besides me find that idea interesting/ awesome? – Jackie


This is for anyone who is willing to answer: what has been your personal favorite scene to shoot these last few years?

Rafi’s apartment toilet kitchen in Bobbum Man. The crew and cast were laughing so hard it took us 3 hours to shoot that scene, a colossal waste of FXs money and we wouldn’t have it any other way.