The Best Of #Tobias Fünke

We rolled out The Best of #Michael Bluth over two months ago and in an effort to “effectively hide my thunder” and to not “prematurely shoot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run” I’ve mustered up all the self-control I’m capable of in not tackling another Arrested Development character too soon. But this morning I was pleasantly greeted by The Many Faces of Tobias Fünke in my Google Reader, and let’s just say it felt like a sign, regardless of whether last week’s Best of # was dedicated to television’s second best all-time hilariously ambiguous character or not.

Did you know David Cross is currently killing it in a recurring guest spot on Modern Family right now? Or maybe you heard Arrested Development is coming back? “Boy, this Fünke is all anyone’s ever talking about.” Topical!

Needless to say, this edition is chocked full of so much goodness it should probably be a two-parter. This is where I’d normally tell you to enjoy but if don’t already realize you’re going to enjoy this then we can’t be friends.

#Tobias Fünke