The Best Of #Tyrion Lannister

Waking up the morning after the Mad Men premiere only to begin the countdown to Sunday’s Game of Thrones return is one of those rare joys in life that doubles as a reminder that I need to get out more. Ever since I circled April 1st on my calendar for a reason not involving faking a brutal injury in front of a loved one I’ve been planning to devote today’s Monday space to Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister. It just makes too much sense.

Not only is Dinklage a raging badass and superb motivational speaker, I’m almost certain Tyrion will go down as one of the most celebrated television characters of all time. Hell, he’s almost there already, as demonstrated by the following collection. My only fear is that rabid Jets fan George R. R. Martin will kill him off as a result of the Tebow trade in order to teach us all we’re not worthy of such wonderful things (what’s that J. K. Rowling?). And no, this isn’t the time to chime in, readers of books. It’s the time to crank up the GOT countdown…

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