The Best Straight Best Friend Ever Asked His Gay Best Friend To The Prom And It Was The Best

Oh, this is the greatest story ever. Put away any bad vibes you might be harboring, because a big round of feel-goods is about to hit you right in your stupid face. Anthony Martinez, a prom junkie at his high school in Las Vegas, really wanted to be asked to the prom by a guy because he’s gay and that’s how he rolls. But he knew that it probably wasn’t going to happen because most teenagers are a-holes.

Fortunately, Anthony’s best friend, Jacob Lescenski, is awesome. So, after Jacob started seeing his best friend tweeting about his date dilemma, he stepped up like any real best friend would and asked Anthony to the prom:

But do you see this? Do you see this very crafty, very public promposal from Jacob? This isn’t just having your friend’s back — this is having his back, sticking out your neck, and tearing your chest open to expose your genuine, pure heart to whoever might see it, regardless of whether they want to.

Obviously something this fantastic would go viral, and here are the two besties thanking everyone for all the support they received:

Let’s all give Anthony and Jacob the best wishes for a memorable prom. They earned the hell out of it, and I hope they stay friends forever and ever.

Source: Metro