‘The Bounce’ #1: The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week

Joe Casey thinks of the important questions. Like, for example, what would happen if Spider-Man were a real teenager? As in, he’s profane and he gets stoned a lot? The answer is surprisingly fun.

Jasper Jenkins, our hero, is basically a slacker and we’re literally introduced to him as he’s about to take a bong hit. Seriously, that’s the opening splash panel. Jasper doesn’t really have a lot going on his life; he doesn’t seem to have a job, and his closest emotional commitment seems to be with his slightly more responsible roommate. It’s refreshingly honest, actually: Jasper is a guy you knew right when you got out of high school, and maybe you still know him.

But he does have a responsibility he takes seriously, however: Superheroics. Casey actually does a wonderful job introducing a universe where superheroes are still new, and where they come from is an open question. The book drops a fairly large hint as to what’s going on with the final panels, and we’ll be curious to see what’s next with the story.

David Messina, meanwhile, is enjoying the art thoroughly. Messina’s work here is precise and lovingly detailed, but he’s just as happy to go in the opposite direction when the script demands it:

It’s a fairly gorgeous book in that respect. Casey and Messina have delivered a far more honest kind of superhero, and it’s a welcome change of pace.

Also recommended this week is Nowhere Men #5, which continues everything we love about the series. It’s a bit of a slow burn, but it’s a great series and it’s building to something wonderful. Don’t miss it.