The ‘Bridesmaids’ Deleted Scenes May Actually Be Funnier Than The Movie


So you’ve seen “Bridesmaids,” right? Of course you have! Filmdrunk liked it. Lindy West loved it. Personally, my feelings about the film fall somewhere in the middle, somewhere between like and love. I certainly laughed my ass off, that’s for sure. So I was kind of shocked to watch a montage of the film’s deleted scenes that were posted on Funny or Die today and find that some of the jokes that were deleted actually tickled me more than some of the jokes that made it into the film. I blame focus groups!

Whatever, now I can feel more comfortable about using some of these one-liners since there’s a lot less of a chance they’ll be widely known! Which means that some lucky lady is gonna be so flattered one day when I shamelessly tell her that her vagina “has great acoustics.”

(Funny or Die via Gawker)

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