The Curious Case Of The Great Evansville Meat Heist

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Thomas Crown Affair Pierce Brosnan

Breaking news out of Evansville, Indiana: MEAT HEIST. The most Indiana of heists!

Kudos to the social media person for @EvansvilleWatch for the phrase “meat filled big pink purse.” I mean… yeah. Tip of the ol’ cap on that one, sir or ma’am.

As our own Ashley Burns pointed out when this story hit the Uproxx chat room, these tweets are even better if you picture the briefcase scene from The Thomas Crown Affair while you read them, complete with the claps and tinkling pianos of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman.” And speaking of The Thomas Crown Affair and meat heists…

The Thomas Browned Affair

The Great Escapilcola

The Italian Sub Job

The Ham That Rocks the Cradle

Cool Ham Luke

Oink Break

The Usual Coldcuts

The Steaking of Pelham 1 2 3

Steak the Money and Run

Take the Mustard and Run

Steak the Mustard and Run

A Whitefish Salad Sandwich Called Wanda

Lock Stock And Two Smoking Briskets

The French Dip Connection

Ocean’s 11-Inch Hoagie

Ocean’s Footlong (get it bc a foot is 12)


Grilled Lamb Sandwich with Entrapmint Jelly

The Great Muppet Caper

(Muppets can be meat.)

(We’re so sorry.)

Thanks to @indydandark for the tip

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