‘Firefly Online’, The ‘Firefly’ MMO, Officially Exists… On iOS And Android

We’ve been hearing about a Firefly MMO for, literally, years. Most recently, a company named DarkCryo claimed to be working on it, and we haven’t heard from them since. But, as part of San Diego Comic-Con, Fox has stopped screwing around and made the Firefly MMO, called Firefly Online, a reality. On mobile, anyway.

They’re very carefully avoiding calling it an MMO, instead calling it a “multi-user social role-playing game”. But it’s a game where you interact a lot with other people both cooperatively and competitively while you play the game, so if the shoe fits… Beyond that, we mostly know that, uh, it looks pretty, for a mobile game:

There’s not much news in the way of gameplay, or even a specific release date. The team has stated that PC is a possibility, provided the mobile version is successful.

Mostly we’re curious about the gameplay. It seems unlikely this will be a game full of combat and derring-do, considering the pitch is that you’re running a ship, finding jobs, and pulling them off. But it’s pretty vague. This could be an RTS-style game, or it could be Firefly Tycoon; in fact, consider developer Spark Plug Games’ past, which includes Dairy Queen Tycoon, it’s probably the latter. We’ll likely know more as Comic-con progresses: We’ll keep you updated.